Making Changes

Dear colleagues,
As we face this new political landscape, it’s time to reconsider the position of the Secretary’s office. We must take advantage of communications to improve trust and confidence in the DNC by ensuring members know who is making decisions and that their voices will be heard.

I propose a way forward:

Devise a member communication plan that will stop filling up inboxes with emails that neither engage our members nor inspire them to action. Information should not be a burden.

Ensure that timely communications about meetings are a priority, and offer accommodation options for members at various budget levels. Members and state party staff cannot be expected to attend when they are constrained by the cost of participation. Membership should not be a financial burden.

Create opportunities for open dialogue and encourage feedback and critique. This is especially important when developing strategies, or setting policy.

Adapt. We must be willing to reassess if communication is ineffective and be ready to create new strategies that will keep our members informed and engaged not just at election time.

Our members expect and are demanding change, a change in leadership and a change in strategy. The DNC can not expect that things will go back to “normal”, and we can not move forward with business as usual.

I would be honored to have your support and your vote to work towards change for the benefit of our organization.