No State Left Behind

Democratic leadership in Red states and those with large rural constituencies understand we have to work twice as hard to reach out to rural voters and to combat the social pressures that disproportionately suppress the rural vote.
DNC support exists for minority, ethnic, and interest groups, but is sorely lacking​ in states ​like ours ​that make up a large part of rural America.​ ​Now more than ever, the DNC and Democrats must develop a Rural American Strategy. Rural constituencies need to be heard at the national level and state parties deserve national support to connect with rural voters.

I propose that the DNC:
work with state parties to develop messaging that will resonate with rural voters.

design techniques and share best practices for winning rural elections.
initiate and support programs to train campaign managers, staff, and campaign consultants in rural areas from rural areas.

make grants available to state parties for constituency development projects designed to target rural voters and low population areas.

ensure every state party has the support necessary to sustain organized rural caucuses.

encourage and facilitate regional constituency outreach from Congressional and other Democratic leadership to traditionally red states without Democratic representation.

Staff the Rural Council! (The DNC Rural Council remains unstaffed despite the fact that every single state in the nation has a rural constituency.)

Encourage the National party committees, which lack rural desks, to develop comprehensive outreach plans that include a strong focus on rural Democrats.

If elected to the Executive Council as Secretary of the DNC, I will be an advocate for state parties, for a comprehensive Rural American Strategy to include programs like the ones I propose, and support for rural constituencies in every state.