DNC Members

Dear Colleagues,

I am writing to ask for your support as I seek to become the next Secretary of the Democratic National Committee.

Specifically, I am running for the following reasons:

I believe that the party’s greatest threat is the erosion of our members' and the public's trust. We must find a way to build back that trust, as well as confidence in our organization’s ability to represent middle income and working class Americans, of all backgrounds. The Secretary’s office is directly responsible to our membership and will play a critical role in fostering communication and transparency in the coming years. This will be our first and best step toward rebuilding confidence and trust, and it will be my number one priority.

We are the party of inclusion and that means including all our members and state organizations in determining messaging, key policies, fundraising plans and an overall, national strategy to regain control not just of Congress and the White House, but also Governor’s seats and state legislatures, around the country. If I am elected, I will seek input from our members on how to better communicate with them on when, and how decisions are made. I will start with holding monthly conference calls with members and party leaders, publishing monthly bulletins regarding the latest developments at DNC headquarters, and offer monthly updates on the progress of our policy priorities across the states.

Our party must expand its vision of what it means to be a Democrat. I live in one of the many Western states with very large Republican electorates. We are energy-producing, public lands-stewarding, gun-toting states, the culture of which does not often match the messaging we see coming from the national party. I do not see the voices of states like mine represented in leadership or in our strategies. We can no longer afford to overlook and ignore the poor and the working class voices of these states.

Our party and leadership must reflect the economic and racial diversity of this country. We must work to broaden the DNC’s leadership bench. I am the first Latina in the United States to be elected chair of a state’s political party (for either major party). Beyond my duties as State Chair for the Wyoming Democratic Party, I currently work full-time as a Young Adult Librarian in a rural town, where my husband and I are raising two amazing children. I have been involved in nonprofit work and community service for over twenty years. I have served in either my County or State Democratic Party leadership, for the past ten. As a woman of color, I can appreciate the efforts made in our party to be more inclusive. By looking for leadership outside of the traditional establishment structure and encouraging people like me, to step up in our organizations, we will introduce new energy and new ideas to our party.

If elected, I am confident I can help evolve the position of Secretary to meet the unique structure and needs of our organization. I want to work with leadership to create a strategic vision for our internal and external communication that will increase transparency and accountability to our members and to Democrats at large. Additionally, I will work to make sure that our party continues to appeal to all kinds of people from diverse backgrounds and geographies. The next four years will be challenging ones indeed, but I understand the fight that lies ahead and am ready to do the work.

I look forward to speaking with you personally over the next few weeks to hear your ideas about DNC leadership. Together, I know that we can grow and strengthen our party, as well as ensure that all voices are represented, at the state and national levels. As your Secretary, that’s what I’ll work to do every day.